Deggs Returns to Louisiana to Lead Ragin' Cajuns

"an incredible testament of God's perfect timing!"

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15 to 28 is a riveting story that reveals God’s love, power, and redemption through 28 true stories from the life of Coach Matt Deggs. His journey in (and out) of college baseball is a true testament to what is possible when we remove ourselves from the equation and let God work in us.
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Throughout this online video program, you will uncover the foundation of what has helped Coach Deggs lead record-breaking teams. The Pack Video System includes nearly 3 hours of Coach Deggs teaching his proven formula to building teams with strong identity, clear purpose, and unbreakable culture.
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Coach Deggs has become one of the most sought after speakers today. His transformational message has inspired audiences around the world.

His Pack coaching style and culture-building philosophy has been used by numerous professional and college coaches and teams, corporate organizations, churches, school districts, and non-profits to create strong identity, clear purpose, and unbreakable culture.

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