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Throughout this new book, you will discover the foundation of what has helped Coach Deggs lead record-breaking teams.

The Pack Book is loaded with an actionable, easy-to-follow, proven formula to building teams with strong identity, clear purpose, and unbreakable culture.

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Here's what you'll learn inside The Pack Book:

Part #1: The Pack Way 🐺
  • The keys to developing a strong, consistent culture
  • How to create a real atmosphere of family and trust
  • How to cultivate clarity and create confidence
Part #2: The Pack Mentality 💪
  • Clear step-by-step process to define your team or organization’s identity
  • The power of having clearly defined roles within your team
  • How to install a belief system that nothing can ever come before TEAM
Part #3:  The 4 Legs of the Wolf 🐕
  • How to establish the core of what your program is built on
  • The importance of having a vision for your program and a mission as a coach
  • Create accountability through setting the standards and expectations of your program
Part #4: The Pack Absolutes 📋
  • What your absolutes are and what they represent in your program
  • Unique ideas for what kind of absolutes you can utilize with your team
  • How to develop the mindset of belief and confidence to do what others see as 'impossible'
Part #5: The 5 Phases to Becoming a Productive Pack Member 🖐
  • Increase commitment and pursuit of a central goal that propels your team forward
  • Keys to improve performance, on and off the field
  • How to develop well-rounded team members in all aspects of life
Part #6: The Plan of Attack ⚾️
  • Ensure your team is retaining knowledge
  • The 3 components of the Pack's explosive offense 
  • The 4 situations that dictate the Plan of Attack
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