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If you’d like to know the complete offensive strategy that has produced record breaking offenses… and provided the opportunity to make a positive impact in players’ careers… then this could be the most exciting letter you ever read.

Hi, I’m Coach Matt Deggs… currently the head coach of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns. 

Since developing a transformational coaching style, I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many successful teams, which have been to NCAA tournaments, won the SEC and Big 12, and orchestrated the largest turnaround in NCAA history when the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns went from a dismal 23-30 to 43-20 and the #1 offense in the country in less than two years.

Here’s why this is important for you:

In today’s game of analytics and coveting outs and “don’t bunt or steal bases”, a player’s confidence comes from the result of an at bat.  But… that’s backwards. His confidence should be built on contributing to the success of the team. 💪

Sure, the moment of truth it is an individual confrontation.

Either you get it done, or you don’t.

But you didn’t get there alone.

There was a 10 pitch walk, HBP, big hit or bunt laid down by someone other than yourself to provide you the opportunity to get the job done.

If my career has proven anything, it’s this:

Baseball, Offense, Hitting & Overall Success
Is Not An Individual Action…
It Is A Collective Effort By A Team.

Baseball as a sport is really missing the boat right now.

Motivated coaches like you are facing an enormous challenge.

Here it is:

There’s an overwhelming amount of information on hitting technique out there… Heck, you almost can’t open your social media feed without hearing about the latest and greatest “revolutionary” hitting system.

Yet almost NOTHING exists on offensive strategy!

(Let alone strategies that are currently working at the highest levels of the sport.)

That brings me to the reason for my letter today.

I’m writing to tell you about The Pack Offense.

The long-anticipated sequel to the popular Pack Video System that launched in January of 2018, it reveals, for the first time anywhere, nothing less than my entire offensive strategy, inspired by a documentary on wolves and the strength of the pack.

Everything from how to enroll your players… to specific drills to build sense of team, develop players and accentuate a team-wide buy-in… to how to threaten opponents with your intent and intensity, and overwhelm them with your belief, buy-in and execution!

It’s the nuts and bolts and hardcore “how to” of the offensive team baseball system I created 11 years ago that has brought me great fulfillment, cherished memories and friends, and notoriety in the baseball world.

The Pack Offense empowers you to:

  • Create buy-in and unselfishness...
  • Promote an understanding of who you are as a team, what you want to do and how you’re going to do it.
  • Create a system that players can take pride in and will sacrifice to be a part of.  People crave an identity and want to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Compete with consistency, year-in and year-out, and a relentless drive and toughness you can’t buy. There will be 0-5’s.  Pitches chased and runners thrown out.  But if you stay together, keep your focus on the guy next to you and off the results, in the end you will win!
  • Develop not only players but TEAMS that play for each other, and will share bonds that last a lifetime.
  • Consistently reach new heights every season .
  • Become the “giant killers”. I’ve made a career out of defying the odds.  Your guys will never fear ANY opponent.
  • Bring each player’s personality, skill-set, and make-up to life.  It’s up to us to nurture, feed, water, and then watch that player grow & develop into their true potential.

And that’s just for starters!

Best part?

If I hear from you today, you can… 

Learn The Pack Offense at No Risk...
Even Free, If You Choose! 😲 

In a moment I’m going to tell you how, but first, here’s a look at what’s inside:

  • The 4 parts of The Pack Offense (Like an instruction sheet that comes with the Swiss Army Knife or any other tool... I’ll explain precisely – and in simple terms – what it is that we do, the keys to success in doing it, when we do it, and who does it inside The Pack!) (Chapter 6)
  • A simple question you must ask yourself the first day of training camp every year (This is the “check up from the neck up” your players need.  I know of no faster way to enroll young people in wanting to give their 100% to the process.)  (Chapter 2)
  • Two often-overlooked keys to becoming a relentless offense (Neither of these two keys are optional if you want your pack to be great and win championships  🏆 ) (Bonus Chapter)
  • Very simple Pack Plays that generate offense...and spin and finish games! (You’ll love the confidence your team plays with once they get these down)  (Chapter 6)
  • The 4 categories players MUST fit into in order to play in the pack (The beauty of the pack is that nothing comes before TEAM.  But... the bigger picture is the development of the individual wolf.  Here’s how each player’s personality, skill-set, & make-up is brought to life from inside the offensive system)!  (Chapter 1)
  • A common mistake 90% of hitters make that destroys their ability to generate any attack!  (I see way too many guys doing this!  Here’s what to do instead) (Chapter 5)
  • 10 non-negotiable “Pack Absolutes” that let your players DOMINATE what they can control (These are things we all do the same and that are 100% prerequisite for being a member of the pack)! (Chapter 2)
  • The secret of “feeding the wolf” that lets you build intensity and toughness in your players (Do this and you’ll be amazed at how they compete with a flat-out grit and determination)! (Chapter 3)
  • A proven way to use bad weather to develop resilience in your team  (Chapter 3)
  • A simple way to train your players to know EXACTLY when to step on the gas and when to proceed with more caution (Relentless does not mean reckless. This is like injecting your players with the decision-making ability of a wizened old pro)  (Chapter 4)
  • The five “strengths” that are the surest path to getting the most out of each and every player (Chapter 3)
  • 36 quick-fixes, adjustments, cheats, and keys you can use as soon as today to get an individual or a Pack firing on all cylinders! (I made just the first three adjustments at Sam Houston State in 2016... at the time we were (6-12) and hitting under .250 —- we went (36-10) the rest of the way and banged our way to a Conference Championship and Regional!) (Chapter 5)
  • Secret mental conditioning exercises that practically force your players to have razor-sharp focus during games (Chapter 3)
  • 5 “no-sweat, no-brainer” ways to get your swing off on time…and with violence! (Most mistakes at the dish have to do with NOT being on time.  With these five keys, that many coaches miss, your players will be in a position to attack and be successful) (Chapter 5)
  • How to knock the pitcher on his heels without even producing a hit or positive result! (Many times I have seen our hitters run a guy off of his fastball just based off of a swing and miss that had intent) (Chapter 5)
  • The Pack’s “bread and butter” secret for getting a runner to 3B with 1-out three times more often than our opponents! (This is factual.  You can look at our statistical analysis sheet over the years.  The numbers don’t lie!) (Chapter 4)
  • Case study: How a .260 hitting, 20-30 team became, over a two-year span…

A Team That Won 101 Games & Had Every Regular Offensive Player Play Professionally!

With one of them, Blake Trahan, reaching the Big Leagues!

This was a historic turnaround.

It took a little bit of time… and diligently following The Pack process, but the results speak for themselves.  And in Chapter 7 of The Pack Offense book I’ll show you the “blueprint” that made this remarkable team possible.

This includes the actual practice plans, drills, evolutions, team competitions, early works, “PackHacks”, base running and offensive execution drills that I used to transform a .260 hitting team into the team with the best offense in the country.

But that’s not all.

Here are a few more secrets that are waiting for you in The Pack Offense:

  • Fastest known way to build your team to win in a multitude of ways and in ANY environment! (We never want the weather, field conditions, an opponent, venue or crowd to dictate how we play.  Watch your players become the calm and steady “eye” of the storm!) (Chapter 6)
  • #1 BIGGEST MISTAKE most runners make at third (Don’t let your players do this!  Instead, do what I show you on page 147 and watch what happens)! (Chapter 6)
  • The 4 parts of the Plan of Attack (All four parts of The Plan of Attack must work together for The Pack to be successful.  Here’s what you absolutely MUST know to make this work)! (Chapter4)
  • The little-known secret ingredient we sprinkle into the recipe of building a nasty wolf at the dish! p.96 (Chapter 5)
  • How to use The Pack’s power bunt game to spin the game or finish it in a hurry ! (In the same way an effective running game in football opens up the passing game... an effective short game in baseball can open up the entire offense.  Turn to page 98 for the details.) (Chapter 6)
  • The 7 phases to a running game that leaves the other team’s defense spinning! (You want your guys to dominate the parts of the game they can control.  One reason we work on The Pack Running Game just as hard as we do hitting; even more so some days.) (Chapter 6)
  • 5 hard and fast rules for running at first base (Chapter 6)
  • 5 hard and fast rules for running at second base (Chapter 6)
  • 5 hard and fast rules of running at third base (Chapter 6)
  • Why your batting average with a runner at 3B and less than two, and 2-out RBI tell the entire story of your offense (Chapter 4)
  • 4 “must-have” character traits of great leaders (The pack also needs its “alphas”.  In this section I give clear and concise examples of how each of these qualities are required for your team’s success) (Chapter 2)
  • 3 Qualities that, when combined with ability, selflessness and unity will make your Pack bulletproof and EXTREMELY hard to handle! (This is how you wear your opponents down and take their will to fight back)! (Chapter 3)
  • A simple MMA fighter secret for owning the plate as soon as your next at bat (This lets your players “get inside” the pitcher’s head and frees up space for them to get off their swing!) (Chapter 5)
  • How to make sure your opponent never forgets the day they had to play you! (Chapter 4)
  • 5 unique hitting approaches you MUST teach your players (All five approaches are rock-solid, time-tested and proven at the highest levels of baseball!) (Chapter 5)
  • One thing you must NEVER do when running bases in the pack offense (Warning: This is an offense killer!  We go over and over and over this one mistake.  Find out instead what the batter/runner must KNOW in this situation.) (Chapter 6)
  • A high level, “read and react” play that – if practiced and mastered – is VERY hard to stop! (One of my all-time favorite Pack Plays.  We’ve run this one with a lot of success over the years) (Chapter 6)
  • Why hitting is one of the most talked about, written about, and over-analyzed things in sports today…keep it simple! (While others are staring at video, charts, graphs and readings from a device—- we are preparing for the real confrontation... the battle at the dish!  We’ve led the nation in offense multiple times and never watched video, never knew the degrees at which we were hitting the ball, bat speed, or how hard it was coming off the bat.  Here’s how.) (Chapter 5)


A Play that confuses the heck out of defenses! 🤯 (Chapter 6)… Five things to look for in a base coach (Bonus Chapter)… Four different types of signs you need (Bonus Chapter)… A “forgotten” play that lets you score first, score at least a run per inning, or tack on to a lead! (Chapter 6)… The #1 “most-overlooked” aspect to getting your swing off at the dish (Chapter 5)… 3 keys to a hit-crushing set-up… 4 simple ways to train your runners to steal more bases… The game-changing secrets of how to overcome, respond and adjust on the fly (Chapter 4)… and much more!

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find inside The Pack Offense.

It is filled with concrete examples and specific how-to’s that will make everything about coaching your offense to success faster and easier.  These are my coaching methods and you will not read about them anywhere else.

You don’t need to learn a bunch of jargon.

You don’t need any long, complicated checklists.

You don’t need to spend countless hours breaking down swing mechanics.

All you need is to get started implementing The Pack Offense!

Everything is all laid out for you to hit the ground running.  And it’s simple too.   Just use the practice plans, drills, tests, and team competitions and you can begin reinventing your team’s offense as soon as tomorrow.

Does Your Team Ever…


 Make Excuses?

👉 Point fingers at the other guy?

👉 Get stuck at the same level every year?

👉 Not play up to expectations?

👉 Get intimidated by higher-ranked opponents?

👉 Give up on plays or games?

👉 Individual players not living up to their potential? 

The above are symptoms of a team that isn’t playing together as well as it could.

...and there is no amount of watching tape or analyzing swings that is going to help you!

The Pack Offense is the cure.

It is the key that will open the door to a whole new dimension in performance for both your individual players and the team.

The Numbers Behind The Pack Offense...

(from the past 11 seasons in NCAA D1 Baseball)

Here is some of what The Pack has accomplished during that same 11-year span..

If you’re committed to it, you too can produce great results like these in your players using this system.

Before I get into the offer I have for you today, let me tell you a bit more about what you’re getting...

What You’re Getting In The Pack Offense:

1. The Pack Offense Physical Book

The book describes in detail not only A to Z how we run our offense, but the philosophy behind why we do things this way and what makes it work so well.  It’s easy-to-follow and filled with specific examples, case studies, drills, team-building competitions, and our go-to plays to wear down opposing pitchers and defenses… ultimately breaking their will.

2. The Pack Coaches Workbook

Quickly get players to buy-in to The Pack Philosophy! This includes:

  • Team Competitions & Mock Tourneys (Build competitiveness and teamwork)...
  • Pack Evolutions (Drills and exercises – not necessarily baseball specific – that build a sense of individual responsibility, helping each other, and ownership)...
  • “Feeding The Wolf” Exercises (This is the process of becoming mentally and physically superior to your opponent!  Too many players – especially hitters – need a crutch, a safety net, or look to work in “safe”, feel good environments. They rely on video and constant feedback ... all for what?  Comfort. The player that is the best at being uncomfortable holds the advantage.)

3. Pack Practice Plans

Includes detailed plans for:

  • Early Work (Early work is where you get better!)
  • Offensive Execution Practice (Practice drills to master the offensive strategy and positively dominate each of “The 4 Situations” revealed inside the book!)
  • Pack Hacks (Building the set-up, grooving hand path and getting on time… a daily staple!)
  • Simulated Situations-Games (Prepares The Pack for in-game scenarios)
  • The Pack BP’s (Includes detailed charts and explanations for how to conduct BP under The Pack system!)

SIMPLE!  (You do not need to do more than switch our logo for YOUR logo, print them, and away you go!)

4. Pack Baserunning Manual

This is The Pack’s entire base running manual (plus our go-to drills).  You can’t control 100% of hitting, but you can make sure your running game keeps defenses off balance and is ALWAYS a threat! 

5. Pack Charts

This is how you systemize and measure the effectiveness of The Pack! Includes Seven Custom Pack Charts that enable you to track your team's ability to produce and put pressure on opposing defenses. PLUS: There is the "The Pack In Game Opponent Chart" that allows you to meticulously scout the opposition, like a wolf stalking its prey!  

Ok, so here’s the deal:

The Pack Offense retails for $297.

But if you from this page today, you can have all of the above -- for one payment of just $147 $97.  The digital components will be available to you instantly and are in a format viewable on any PC or Mac.

You'll receive physcial copies as well of The Pack Offense Book, The Pack Coaches Workbook, and The Pack Practice Plans in the mail within 1-2 weeks.

But the investment really doesn’t matter anyway.

Why? 🤔

Because it comes with a…

Ok, so here’s the deal:

The Pack Offense retails for $297.

But if you from this page today, you can have all of the above -- for one payment of just $147 $97.  The digital components will be available to you instantly and are in a format viewable on any PC or Mac.

You'll receive physcial copies as well of The Pack Offense Book, The Pack Coaches Workbook, and The Pack Practice Plans in the mail within 1-2 weeks.

But the investment really doesn’t matter anyway.

Why? 🤔

Because it comes with a…

100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

Use The Pack Offense at your convenience for a full 60 days without any risk.  If at any time in those two months you’re not happy with it (for ANY reason)… if it doesn’t instantly make coaching offense much easier… if you’re not 100% convinced it’s everything you need train your team to throttle opponents and leave rival coaches guessing what the heck kind of Kool-Aid your players are drinking… then simply email us to let us know.  No explanation needed. 

Your money will be promptly returned in full and…

You Can Keep The Book
Even If You Ask For A Refund..

In that way, you will have gotten to learn The Pack Offense for free, if that’s what you choose to do.

The price can't stay this low forever.

So be sure to pick up your copy of The Pack Offensive System while you're here...


Total Value:  $297 

Retail Price:  $147



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One more thing:

The Pack Offense will help you develop your players, maybe even win championships. 

However, being a part of a Pack isn’t just about baseball.  It’s about opportunity.  It’s about family.  If you share my mission of building well-rounded men and improving the lives of your players, then this is for you! 

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